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Hello fellow Habs fans, I am new here to the forums. Well I saw some real nice sigs in this topic so I would like some opinions on my attemp at making one. I am not very good at graphics and the Kovalev pic was the only one I found that was cut :(

Even though it is currently in my sig here is the link top it


Actually that looks pretty good for a first signature! :) But you made a bit of an error in the spelling, 'Canadiens' not 'Canadians'

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Ohhh, nice Price sig there Youppi :P

Anyway, now for what I came here to post :P



... well, I'm using it now, but, what do you think?


...It'd be awesome to see more of these kind, maybe with other players? ;)

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More with the cool shapes or more with the pink XD? Or both? hahaha XD

I can make them if somebody has a request ;)

Lol, I like the overall look of your sig. And... if you wanna make another one... I'll just point out that pink is my favorite color, and Carey Price is my favorite player. :P

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