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Google :P

How :o

Step 1 : Download a clip to your computer

Step 2 : Cut the clip as short as possible using windows movie maker (limit it to the focal action sequence)

Step 3A : Preferably convert that clip to a gif using Photoshop CS3 or adobe illustrator OR

Step 3B : If you can't do that, then upload the clip to a file sharing site like rapidshare and provide the link

Step 4A : If you already have a signature to add the clip to, upload the PSD and provide the link OR

Step 4B : If you require a signature as well, provide a few preferences or details

People are more likely to assist you if you can cut down on the menial tasks and allow them to make a piece for fun instead of it seeming like work. That means providing cut out images when possible and providing a few key details to design around while allowing the flexibility to be creative.

With this information, perhaps someone who hasn't included a clip in a signature will give it a shot, but because you have a respectable number of posts and history with the forum, I would be happy to create one for you if you can complete the steps I mentioned. I haven't had a lot of time recently, but if you give me a couple weeks I'm sure I can find it. If you'd like to take me up on my offer, just PM me with the details after you have read this post and hosted the necessary elements so you can provide the links.

If you are interested in including animated gifs in your own pieces, but aren't sure how, this should be enough to get you started and you can play around if you feel the need to get more elaborate. Using Photoshop CS3 :

Step 1 : Create all of your static layers

Step 2 : Import a gif with a layer for each frame, or create your own gif animation in a seperate set of layers

Step 3 : Open the animation window and switch to frame mode

Step 4 : Hide all layers that are not involved in the first frame

Step 5 : Duplicate the previous frame and adjust the visible layers to create the next step in the animation sequence

Step 6 : Repeat step 5 until all frames are composed

Step 7 : Adjust the timing of the displayed frames to preference and loop the sequence (forever instead of once)

Step 8 : Save for web and devices as a gif (images only)

Step 9 : Upload to an image hosting service such as imageshack or photobucket

Step 10 : Treat it as a normal signature for purposes of displaying

*Be aware of dimension and file sizes, as well as the length of your animation sequence. If a sequence is too long, it increases file size and loading time, so a long sequence may not display properly and by the time it does, it may not be seen to be appreciated.

Have fun and good luck!

Oops sorry I haven't seen your message. Thank you very much :D I'll try that. :)

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What do you think of my signature?

When you first start out, it is helpful to try as many different things as you can to achieve significantly different results. That way, when you have an idea in your head, there is a better chance you'll be able to achieve it on your screen.

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Did anybody know a site for tutorial for photofiltre?

You would probably find it better to search for "signature tutorials" instead. If you are using GIMP, you'll want to search for "gimp sig tutorial".

These are guides created by other people that will help you learn the program and allow you to get similar outcomes to what the tutorial instructs. Once you have completed a number of tutorials, you can combine the techniques you learn in them.

Good luck!

(looking good bud! ;))

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Happy to help, as always. :)

In that spirit ...

Was playing around while on the phone and thought I would put this here if someone wants to use it. I've been keeping an eye on the Habs site galleries and waiting for good pictures of the new acquisitions in uniform and stumbled across Cammalleri.



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