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Very nice. :)

Happy to see you're sticking with it, and improving!

As for a Cammalleri sig, I made one that nobody has claimed, so feel free to use this ...

If you want someone else to make one instead, try the gallery page on the official Canadiens site. It has a few of Cam in red, the one used here is probably the best to work with, but there are some okay ones without a helmet.

EDIT : Sorry, that one seems to have disappeared. I'll re-upload and post again.



(Don't forget to save it or upload it to your photobucket to make sure it doesn't disappear on you.)


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also may I ask your help in how I set this as my sig?

Go to "My Controls" (Top, right of center)

Look for "Edit Signature" (on the left)

Click the "Insert Image" button (7th button over, past the smilie)

Enter "http://img197.imageshack.us/img197/4219/ca...lerisigcopy.png" (in the box)

Click "OK"

Click "Update Signature" (at the bottom, center)


If you wish to center it as well, highlight the text, including image tags, and click the 4th button from the right, before clicking update signature. That's the "Align Center" button.

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Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if someone can please make me a sig with Price in it? Possibly with his new helmet featured if you can or his red pads. I have sig. currently and it is great however it is outdated as it has Saku and SK (who is not impressing me presently). I don't have Photoshop or the program to make sigs.

Thanks for the help.

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