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Old Wallpapers / Signatures / Avats

Guest kanudiggit

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Ok I am just here once again looking threw the ART WORK is in here, and its very very nice to see all these creative signs and wall papers. I am so proud of all those know how to make those you people are such smart minded and I would like to make a couple request jk its just I came by here a couple weeks ago I think and I saw this sign that looked really adorable! lol it was a hab sweaping up the leafs by the tree and it said " Autumn Has Arrived" lol I would like to see more of that stuff jk unless someone would make me a couple and send them to me :D but like differents one though. It would be sweeeet to have a couple different ones! Muaha!

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Guest Musketball
Habs2060442779, did you make your sig?  It looks like you used GIMP, but I can't tell.  If you did, do you know much about the program?  I don't have a clue what I'm doing in it, and I was looking for a few tutorials...


I use the gimp exclusively. These tut's should get you started.

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Guest habfreak
how do you guys make these??????[/quote:cb813af175]

Like Twenty Two said, there are so many programs available to create sig  :wink:

hey kimmy ok, can u make a wallpaper with all the current Habs...just use the Avatar pics u already have...I tried doing it...but the animations won't work when I do copy/paste:oops:

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Guest CanadianMike

Very nice job guys!!!

HabsPitt...Very nice too, but your "F" in rifle doesn't look like an "F"..maybe just me, maybe you should add a - across it. It looks like an "R".

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Guest habsFREAK27
Guest 60islove
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