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well, I have been a long time Photoshop uer and then decided to delete it cause of slow downs. now i cant re install :evil: :D IMO my work was good (same name here as on every other forum) If you wanna check some of my work out... http://s10.photobucket.com/albums/a107/r3volv3r/

So, anyone mind making me a killer kovy/huet sig whenever they have the time? Thanks :D

*EDIT* Also, i hope u dont mind if i use ur Rocket Richard sig for now anudiggit...thanks :D

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TY guys! haha You sure love derick uh girl? :wink: nice website between![/quote:cd67c28faa]

a little. :D you should've seen me flipping out the day of the draft yelling at the tv "boston please pick kessel, boston please pick kessel :shock:" if derick would've been drafted by them i don't know what i'd do :shock:

LOL, which website did you see? :D

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Guest Lucho

Great work everyone!

I had an Idea for next season. Is anyone interested to do a collage? If yes I'll start one but i'll put the rules and restrictions!

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