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Guest kanudiggit

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Hey guys,

Your graphics are all awesome!  What program(s) do you all use to make your graphics?  I use Photoshop... I love how some of your graphics contain "textures" and "effects"... how do you do that?

I use photoshop also. Well first I put a solid color in the background. for the textures, I set them to ''soft light'', ''overlay'' or ''hard light'' and play around with the Opacity. Sometimes its makes a nice effect when you have several textures one on top of the other!

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Guest WantMoreCups

Hey can ne 1 make me an Avatar that says I frogive u samsonov ? lol im trying to take off some of the heat thats somsonovs taking... i dont think he deserves it... yes some but not all and every 1 is falling on him like crazy and i feel bad... imagine how u would react if u were in his shoes

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Guest ALBERTAhabsfan
Here's my first sig, just made it today, and i don't know how to use Photoshop, nothing fancy, but i like it...any comments?

I've been trying to make one but can't figure out how to get the images added in to the basic background.

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