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Round 2, Game 7 - Wednesday 14 May 2014 7:00 PM EST - CBC RDS NBCSN TSN690


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poke da bear ! poke da bear! :angry: the bears are dead and gone! , skinned, gutted and mounted on the wall.

Looks good,,,don't they? :lol:

i still have one beer left@ i may have to steal the wifes wine and keep partying by myself into the night!

Ya gotta stock up.... sheeeesh, think ahead. :P

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He wasn't on. It went pretty quickly to The National with Peter Mansbridge.

Delicious. Oh man.

Well, this is the best sports-related moment of my adult life. Unless drunk foosball counts.

I'm hoping the same for both of you.


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Lucic and Weise had an extra word or two in the lineup. I wonder if it was complimentary or anger.

Might go back to the Van-Bos rivalry, even though he wasn't part of the Cup finals... but those teams hated each other.

Hey Chara you like golf because you sure looked like you were ready today.

Or soccer! #kick

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