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A big thank you to all our forum members and thank you Habs

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Dear Habs fans,

We had a tremendous season and just fell short of a birth to the Stanley Cup final. We saw some exciting hockey throughout the year and even more exciting hockey in the playoffs.

I'll never forget game 7 versus the Bruins, it was a game for the ages. Just seeing the Bell Center sold out even though the game was going on in Boston is a memory that will forever be with me. We've always had the most loyal fans of any sport and it's proof once again why the Canadiens fanbase is the best in the world.

While we moderate this forum pretty tightly, it's only because we encourage fans of all ages to join. The administrating and moderating team fully recognizes how passionate our fans are and they try to be as fair as possible when editing posts and issuing warnings. We try to let a lot of things go and be as lenient as possible due to the passion and sometimes frustration we feel for our team. However, at the end of the day, we are all fans of the greatest sports franchise in history.

I want to thank you all for being such devoted fans and participating in our forum. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and engaging in civil and healthy debates.

Thank you Habs for providing us with another great season and taking another step forward towards the cup. The future is bright and I can't wait for next season.

Cheers everyone!

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I was born a Habs fan been well over 45 years following my team & as I sit a type I can say I'm proud of my Habs for sure.

I acknowledge the fact that we Habs fans are like no other in the hockey world we are the best by no stretch of the imagination.

I know deep down inside that we fans will see very shortly our Habs carrying Lord Stanley around on Bell Centre Ice "we are the Champions" will be playing once again.

I will sit & wait read every entry,article, trade,signing & every bit of Habs info I can get my hands on till the drop of the puck in the up & coming season for sure.

I sleep eat breathe my Habs till next season my fellow Habs fans I look forward in sharing the news Habs news till the next face-off.

Go Habs Go !!!

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I'll add my "voice" to echo what Coach said. Thanks to all our members for making this forum an entertaining place to hang out and share our love for our team. I too am looking forward to next season, who here isn't. On the bright side, we still have the draft and the free agency to look forward to and talk about so stick around :) , and then the first thing we'll know, summer will be over and it will be time to rumble again, it wont be that long.

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Guest habs1952

Great speech GHC! I'd like to add my thanks to the mods who babysit the rest of us day in and day out. They do a terrific job. And yeah, only 4 months until Habs hockey!!!


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Well said and thank you for posting!

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