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2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs - Final

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To think, kings acquired Richards and carter after the flyers let them go to bring in an elite tender who could help them wins cup.

Originally they acquired Richards in a trade with Philly, and carter at the deadline from CBJ.

That's right, or is it the other way around?

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Guest mrsmarkov

Haha Toffoli makes me laugh, great guy!

I'm suppose to be mad right now, but I'm not...I can't stop smiling. I want a Gabby interview though. :( I realized I don't hate LA. I love every player, except Quick and Brown. Hate seeing Quick happy though.

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Guest archey

"A horse has eaten out of the cup before", says the guy on NBC.

Archey has some explaining to do, I think. :lol:

I have no explaining to do. FIrst off you have to realize that horses play hockey by standing behind to behind and bumping themselves along the ice, so there is much more etiquette in their version. If in fact then a horse ate out of the cup it was done merely to impress the elite and/or powerful that the presence of bullying on the ice is because of one factor and one factor alone. Boston. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

caveat: i have been known to formulate ideas on the basis of a fertile imagination. :P


He lives in London

The Stanley cup was in London

A Huge long time fan.


Eric Clapton?

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Guest mrsmarkov

Chris Kreider's name isn't on the Stanley Cup. All things considered, I think it's an okay outcome.

That's your opinion not mine. I'm not mad surprisingly, but I still would have preferred the Rangers. I'm just incredibly happy for GABBY! :D

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