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Jiri Sekac

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Awesome news especially with no Canadian teams holding a playoff spot.

Awesome news especially since we're not in the running for Drouin.

Awesome news especially since we have wonderful chances of fitting into a less than special identity.

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I suspect if he's waived just before trade deadline, nobody is.

I could see the Leafs interested in a free warm body to fill a hole the rest of this season. They just shut down a couple forwards this week for the year. Wouldn't shock me.

If the highest paid coach in the NHL can't get anything out of this kid, then i guess nobody can. :P

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Appears his NHL career is on hold. Placed on waivers today.

Anybody still interested???

Im really really surprised by this. I mean he's young(ish) cheap and seemed to have the skills to be (at worst) a 3rd or 4th liner. There were nights where it didnt seem out of the question for him to be looked at for top 6 potential. Great skater and solid on-ice vision.

I am not normally one to ever think of or consider "off ice" issues but you have to wonder now that he's been dumped by 3 teams in such a short period - despite seeming to have good skills for cheap - whether he's got some off-ice issues?

Very very odd.

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