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Poll of the Week - July 8


2014-15 Rookies  

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  1. 1. Which potential Habs rookie do you think has the best chance of making the team out of training camp?

    • Sven Andrighetto
    • Jiri Sekac
    • Charles Hudon
    • Christian Thomas

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There may or may not be an opening in the top 9 on the RW come training camp. There may or may not be a chance for a rookie to play the 4th line. Which of these potential rookies do you see having the best shot to make the team out of camp? Is it the highly touted Sekac, who hasn't yet played in North America? Is it the AHL-experienced player we traded for, Christian Thomas? Is it the older draftee, Sven Andrighetto, who played a big role for Hamilton last year? Or is it the local boy, Charles Hudon, who might suddenly fit into the line-up with some of our smaller players being moved on? Vote now!

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Jiri Sekac has the best chance of cracking the line up because of his two way play and being "bigger" then any other prospects that is NHL ready. Out of those four I rank them by making the team in September.

1. Jiri Sekac

2. Sven Andrighetto

3. Christian Thomas

4. Charles Hudon

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Guest Regis2

Like CRB, I haven't seen any of them play , and know nothing about all of them .

Of the 4 you listed I went with Sekac

But if you would have gave an option

# 5 None of the above

I would have picked # 5 as there are currently 13 players signed and I don't see where one of the four is going to fit in unless there is an injury or they have an extraordiunary camp.

Options # 2 , 3 and 4 are small and this team needs to get bigger and faster ..IMO

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I believe it will be De La Rose or Sekac, but Andrighetto will see some games this season as well. It kind of depends on where our current players emerge from camp.

Can Bourque be a regular contributor?

Can Eller find more production or a more offensive role?

Will Galchenyuk get a crack at center?

Will we add another player and/or ship a player out?

Are we sticking with 3 goaltenders for any period of time?

I'm chomping at the bit for next season, waiting to see the answers to these questions, and more!

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I voted Sekac but really, I have no idea. I havent watched any of them play yet.

This goes for me as well - unfortunately I don't follow our prospects very closely other than during the NHL preseason. With that said, on paper you'd have to give the edge to the guy who's played well in a men's league already.

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Sekac & the young Russian kid we drafted in the last draft will be the two deciding players too fill in the vacant spots.These two young Russian players are hungry talented & have size speed & over flowing with character & passion for the game.

I applaud Bergevin & staff on the draft pick & luring Sekac to sign with the Habs now they need too make the team & look-out NHL the Habs are for real.

Go Habs Go !!!

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I think the easiest answer is Sekac, since he was rumored to be sought after by 10+ teams and chose the Habs. But Sekac has also stated that he would go to the minors here rather than going back to the KHL and that he wants to do what he has to to play in the NHL. Doesn't sound like he has a guarantee.

Last year, we saw Bournival force the Habs' hand with a great camp, and I think the same will apply this year: we may find a guy steps up in camp and earns his keep, whether he's first in line or 5th in line going in. I would still say Sekac has the inside edge to start, but I can see Charles Hudon winning a lot of support from fans and management as camp goes on, so despite being a longshot, I'll take him as a dark horse to make the team.

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