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#31 Carey Price 2014-2015


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Carey was definitely our best performer this evening. Even this early in the season is there any doubt that he will be our MVP when the season is over?

He was (obviously, or he wouldnt have been called) good before the olympics but since returning its like he's a different player. You have to wonder if being around all those superstars helped him to finally realize just how good he really is.

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Price is gonna be mentally exhausted by March.

Well, habs decided to keep Tokes to give Carey some time off.

He was good in his first game, 2nd a tad shaky, but the team in front of him weren't up to the task either.

We knew and actually had confidence in Budaj when he played in Carey's place. The issue with Budaj was, he'd be good when needed for the odd game, but any string of games and he'd unravel.

Still don't know if Tokes will continue his strong play or if the growing pains will start to show.

If we can keep Carey's games down to 55-60, there's no reason why a 26 year old should be burnt by April.

The problem is we only have a sample size of what Tokes can do. He could be as solid as he was in last season 3rd round or be like any other young tender and have some not so spectacular games.

The Budaj/Price duo made me think of the Roy/Hayward duo of the late 80's/90's.

Hats off to tokes for what he did last spring, but still not convinced he can do it in his rookie season through 20-25 games.

I'm not saying this as a knock against him, it's just simple fact that young/unproven tenders have ups and downs. Especially when they're not being played on a regular basis. That was the great thing about Budaj, he knew his role and was actually good when he only played on the odd occasion, but tokes at the lower levels has always been a starter (or almost always been). Where Budaj thrived with less playing time, I think Tokes may struggle.

I really like the kid, but not expecting him to be as solid as Budaj has been (with the exception of last year, when he replaced Carey after the Olympic break). Again, the more budaj plays, the more he looked like he did in Colorado, the less he plays, the better he looks.

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Named second star of the week.

The NHL announced on Monday that Canadiens goaltender Carey Price has been named the second star of the week. Price posted a 3-0-0 record with a 1.33 goals-against average, a .950 save percentage and one shutout as the Canadiens won all four of their games last week to improve their record to an NHL-best 14-4-1
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Indeed it is!

On the one hand the article comes to a pretty obvious conclusion - I don't think that it's a stretch to say that the eye test can pretty easily determine that Boston has been a better defensive team than Edmonton. On the other hand, though, the question isn't always 'is one team better' but rather also be 'how much better are they?' In other words, is goalie X playing better or worse than expected on team A? And more importantly, if I'm team B, which goalie can I get that is going to actually improve my team?

The most interesting point to me was when they mentioned that Scrivens was a perfect match for the Kings because he stops a higher-than-normal percentage of 'clean' shots, while the Kings system resulted in them giving up mostly clean shots. If this sort of research goes far enough I could see teams taking this stuff into account when shopping for a goaltender (e.g. my team's system has tended to give up a lot of one-timers, let's look for a guy who's mobile or whatever and has had success against those shots).

It also makes you wonder about other 'synergies'. Halak in his big playoff run comes to mind. We gave up an awful lot of shots against Pittsburgh and Washington, but with a few exceptions (was it game 5?) it wasn't really that he was making heroic saves so much as he was making a huge number of more routine saves. I wonder if there's some element of what this article was hinting at in that situation - was Halak just very good at stopping the sorts of long-distance shots that we were giving up all the time back then?

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Well since he won't get another start in 2014 I guess but it was a pretty great calendar year, there's been a lot of talk about Carey on this forum going back to the day he was drafted, I can remember some of the 200 page goalie debate threads and really, going back to that 2013 playoff loss to Ottawa there was a lot of questions he needs to answer but it seems like he's finally found and maintained that level.

Just for fun I did a little quick math on the 2014 calender year,

36-18-3 .925 in the regular season, an Olympic Gold and flawless Olympic performance and a playoff run to the East final, including upsetting the Bruins without actually losing a playoff series.

I think he's the best in the world right now, truly.

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I'd have a hard time arguing there's someone better than Carey right now. Rinne and Lundqvist have been very good for longer, and Quick has been a big-game goalie in the NHL. I think Rask has been exposed a bit this year as being a good goalie but one whose status has been amplified as a product of the system he plays in. I'd have to think that if you asked 30 GM's to choose a goalie for their team, no strings attached, the majority would be opting for either Price or Quick.

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