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Well, it has started. The NHL has announced the 1st outdoor game between SJ and LA, on Feb. 21. From a business side, it makes sense, lots of coverage (NBC must be falling all over themselves, thanking Bettman), but for hockey purists (like me), they're becoming more novelty than a real hockey game. When they have to resurface the ice, or clear the falling snow more often than they do now, that takes away from the way indoor games are played. Momentum can be stifled, and slush or water has to be cleared, and the game is slowed down.

Sure they're supposed to be more like pond hockey, but when 2 PTs. are on the line with possible playoff implications, then I can't see why the teams are excited about them with the way they are played now.

IMO there's too many of them.

< falls off soap box >

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For a lot of teams, especially sure playoff teams like the California powers, $$$ > 2 points. Their team will succeed just fine in the other 81 games, but outdoor games, overexploited as they are, still generate crazy amounts of revenue.

That's a good point. I'd also add that, despite there being so many of them, I still find these outdoor games kind of fun. I'm not sure if I'll watch this game beteen SJ and LA or not, but I can pretty much guarantee that I won't be watching the other 4 or so games that they play against each other this season.

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According to TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie, the NHL is set to announce the Colorado Avalanche and Minnesota Wild will be hosting outdoor games next season.

The league is expected to make it official during All-Star Game festivities this weekend in Columbus.

The Avalanche are expected to host the Detroit Red Wings while the Wild will likely entertain the Chicago Blackhawks.

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59 minutes ago, HabsRuleForever said:

I caught the third period of the Leaf/Wing game. Asides form a three point game within our division it was a great period to watch. 

And i watched the first 2 and turned it off from boredom. Guess i should have watched the only period those 2 teams played. They kept bragging about how great the ice was but all i saw was guys falling left and right without being touched.

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