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2014-2015 PREDICTIONS GAME (For the Stonely Cup)


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Haven't heard from C.H. yet but it's pretty much that time of the year again. I'm hopeful he will be back to run this thread this year, but in the event he's not available,,, i'm willing to give it a try, but a volunteer would be more then welcome.


Predict the result for games in which Eastern Conference teams are playing;
Score points daily for the highest number of correct predictions;
Climb as high as you can on the Scoreboard;
Finish in the Top 16 to progress through to the Post-Season;
Beat your head-to-head opponents in each round of the Post-Season; and
Win the Stonely Cup


1: Have fun;

2: Please be clear about your predictions (cryptic clues don't help as I might not understand them);

3: Post predictions in the order the games appear on NHL.com's schedule;

4: Only make predictions for games in which Eastern teams are playing;

5: Have fun;

6: Predictions are for the result in regulation (i.e. win for either team or a tie);

7: Predictions must be made before puck drop.

8: Have fun;

9: Please don't predict games too many days in advance as I'm likely to miss your post;

10: Have fun.



Let the smack talk begin.

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Thanks for this thread HTL. I'm in :D

Well i'm still hoping CH is available. :lol:

I'll gladly look after it this season if he's unable, but i can assure you it won't be as pretty as his. My computer skills are still pretty limited and i have no idea how to do the chart thingy. :P

I'll put something together though.

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Guest habs1952

You can all just leave now, this trophy's mine!

Home openers will be spoiled this week



HA!!!! I scoff at your bold prediction. < scoff, scoff, scoff > :lol:


Tie,,,, Puffs

Your both dreamers! You guys should stick to what you do best............watching me win. :P

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