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Thu, 9 Oct 2014 Canadiens @ Capitals 7:00 PM EST TVA Sports, SN360, CSN-DC, TSN 690


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Why go after Orpik ? ( LOL is he going to stop hitting now that Prust gave him a hug :huh:)

When are we going to start hitting Ovie ? ... where is the "BOOM" or "stinger" ?

The Habs "speed" is not there.. we are getting beat to EVERY puck.. time to start finishing checks ( or start checks in this game :angry:)

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Apparently Gudas (Tampa) just threw a dirty hit... haven't seen it, but not surprising based on what he did last year to us.

Just saw it on Gamecentre. Completely obvious and intentional elbow to his head, and almost blindside. Gudas is trash.

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Here's Gudas on Upshall... elbow/forearm to the head of a guy looking down. Direct contact. I'd say 5 games minimum.



No penalty on the play, so NHL refs get it wrong again.

It looked like the referees arm was up on the play... Nasty shoulder elbow to head hit, though. Hopefully we see better handling of suspendable plays this season.

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As usual,,,,the NHL holding themselves open for scrutiny with this Pronger thing. Won't be ruling on his teams games,,,,what a joke.

Yep, it's kind of nuts. Even Quintal had some baggage (he had really bashed the Rangers organization as a player and talked about how he wanted to be a Hab) and then he's working a Habs - Rangers series. The Campbell stuff is the most insane. Why not hire a guy who has no baggage, never played with X team or worked for X team. Just an impartial guy.

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