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Mon, 13 Oct 2014 Canadiens @ Lightning 7:30 PM RDS, CITYM, TSN 690 Radio


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TB and the Habs are the only two teams in the Atlantic Division without a loss in regulation.
TB scored 5 goals but only 1, 5 on 5, the other 4 were PP goals.
Tb has not been scored on in the 1st period.
Bishop is 5-1-2 with a 1.30 goals-against average in eight starts versus Montreal, going 3-0-1 with a 0.94 GAA in four last season.

TB PP, is 40%,,, 4 for 10.
Our PP is pathetic at 0 for 10
TB PK is 100%
Our Pk is 84%

Stamkos has 1A in 2 GP

Interesting,,,,,Montreal (3-0-0) has opened with four victories three times - 1977-78, 1970-71 and 1955-56. All of those clubs won Stanley Cups.
Habs FO% is 54.5%, while Bolts are 53.1%
Carey Price posted a 1.42 GAA in four regular-season matchups against them in 2013-14.
kinot-1's GDT record, 1-0-0
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This is only the fourth game I'll be able to see between the preseason and regular season so far. Looking forward to it! Sure seems like a fun team to watch night in night out, after they choose to start playing hockey in the 2nd period.

Or 3rd. :lol:

OT....Is that a new sig or are you just hoping for a recount from last year? :P :P

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If the Team comes out flat again and falls behind by more than a goal, I think we'll be looking at our first loss.

Not to take away from the late game heroic potential the Habs have shown, I just don't think the Lightning will be as quick to let us back in the game after last year's thumping.

I just watched the highlights of game 4 and forgot how close that game came to going to extra time. Tampa Bay will surely want to avenge that sweep.

Need to come out quick and stay sharp for a full 60 minutes.

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Or 3rd. :lol:

OT....Is that a new sig or are you just hoping for a recount from last year? :P :P

It's the same from last year, I'm just too lazy to change it :lol: If we had another pool this year, I was going to change it to Powerplay's Pushovers!

On another note, every time I look at the Lightning roster I'm impressed with how much better they've gotten since last year.

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Looks like I'm being forced to watch the godawful Tampa feed even though the SportSnet feed was listed all day. Cent(re/er) Ice is fun, huh? :P

Me too. <_<

Let's get to Bishop early and often.

Well,,, I'm blacked out again. :angry:

That sucks. Radio backup

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Well,,, I'm blacked out again. :angry:

I had a close call, they are playing ''Modern family'' when clearly my digital box says this game, and as my last resort I found it on Channel 453 (SPO23) which I was sure it was a paid channel.

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