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Junior Hockey - got to see a game locally tonight

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I was invited by one of my online acquaintances to attend the Saginaw (Michigan) Spirit and the Sarnia Sting. This is the first time I ever saw a junior hockey game. A couple of things I noticed in Sarnia's 3-1 victory: It's very hard to tell in junior hockey, at least what I saw tonight, but there was a minor speed difference in Sarnia's favor. They were making crisp passes, getting more quality scoring chances, and when Saginaw (except for one play leading to a Spirit goal), their defense tended to make it hard to Saginaw to get many quality chances. They finished even with 30 shots on goal, but Sarnia had the better quality chances. And they were able to organize their attack, hold the puck in the Saginaw zone and get some guys in front of the net, which led to their scores. The other thing I saw: because these are young people, they have a lot more room to skate, and the games tend to be more wide open, and with less checking, at least from what I saw tonight. The person who invited me is in the Saginaw Spirit organization.

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