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Wed, 14 January 2015 Canadiens @ Blue Jackets 7:00 PM EST RDS Sportsnet FS Ohio TSN 690


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Oh wow.

Where do I begin?

I lost control of the computer when Mrs. Lion got home from work late in the 2nd intermission. She was loving enough to leave the sound on for me to hear Columbus go up 2-0. I was going to ask her to shut it off at that point because I probably should have gone to bed but we got into a decent, long overdue chat so it just ran in the background.

Patches for 1. That was nice. Still talking.

Subban for the tie. She was done at the computer so I put the visuals back on but couldn't give it all my attention.

Patches for the win. It was a good chat but she let me have my happy dance. She's understanding like that.

All power play goals, no less.

I should probably be asleep but glad I was awake to be proven wrong in my lack of faith.

Ironic it was 2 All-Star snubs that got the job done.

Thanks, Team. It was ugly in coming but I needed this. It's been some long, hard days lately & I've had to be selective in my viewing & I was quite bitter about how things were turning out.

MN is 72. :D

Night all.

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All I can say is Phew! Relieved! Nice 2 points but the performance really sucks against a struggling team, hot goalie or not :angry: . I have no words for the team's scoring capabilities.

The story tonight is not our incredible comeback, but how Columbus managed to snatch the proverbial defeat from the jaws of victory. They should be kicking themselves -_- .

Well, just grab the two points and run.

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