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Markov played well, and I understand choosing him, even though I thought others played better. Desharnais had a very good third period, but he was absent in the first and second. Not star-worthy, but when you're Francophone, you get noticed more easily by the media, for better or for worse.

For what it's worth, every center on the team was a negative Corsi player, except Eller, who played over 60% despite only 37% OZ starts. Heck of a game from Eller, but very under-appreciated. Prust also played a really solid game, at both ends of the ice. He generated some offence, and he worked hard. In my view, both guys were better choices for stars than DD.

Speaking of corsi, here's the final NST graph:


Even strength is slightly more forgiving, but score effects and NHL officiating did a number on it.

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Guest habs1952

Didn't see or hear anything about a Bournival elbow, but I agree, if there was motivation, that makes it even worse. Clutterbuck clearly looked like he wanted to take a run at Bournival while he wasn't looking. You can argue that the Suter elbow was as he was trying to make a hockey play and that it went wrong. It's still a bad hit, but you can't know for sure what happened. In Clutterbuck's case, this is nothing close to a hockey play, it's not even a late hit on a guy who has just gotten rid of the puck, it's simply away from the play altogether.

Around the 5 minute mark of the 1st Clutterbuck also threw a flying elbow but I'm not sure who the target was. It may have been Galchenyuk. In my mind it's like taking a swing at someone with your stick but missing. A penalty should still be called.

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Simply unbelievable :D ! This, after the stinker against Senators. And against a team which just spanked Penguins 6-3. And without Carey Price in goal. PP goal. Real Jekyll and Hyde team -_- !

So many crazy things. Pleky as a first-line centre, finally :). DD scoring a goal after being reinstated as centre. Chucky scoring a goal as a winger after being demoted from the first line.

I just hope MT keeps Pleky in the spot he deserves, and let him be the offensive forward he's supposed to be. Stop making him play defence. Give that job to Eller, Prust and other grinders.

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This is the Clutterbuck hit on Bournival. Puck nowhere near, gets the head from the blindside... 5 games easily.


That really does speak for itself. Anything less than a serious multi-game suspension should be enough to make even the most die hard NHL apologists to admit the league has no concern for brain injuries and plays favourites.

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Completely missed it, short of notifications on the Science.

Buddy of mine is an Isle fan, not sure how that happens in life. He was hosting a sleepover for the kids and couldn't watch the game either, asked me to keep him posted.

It was an easy and fun favour to accommodate.

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