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lines are horrible...again.

two midgets together, thomas with eller and cakes....weise on the 1st line.....im finding it looks a lot like the game against colombus.

like we actually have enough talent throughout the lineup that we will put some nice passes together and therrien is probably sitting there thinking hes a genius.

anyway whatever i could go on about this. positives!

1. a rare first goal of the game AND on the pp!!!! the fabric of time and space ripped and i had to shove some tentacle monster back into the 8th dimension but well worth it. nice blast by subban, thats 2 recently, nice to see, we need more of that

2. bealieu, really liking him

3. tokarski big period...can you believe there was even a debate there? in retrospect even more of a no brainer than we could have imagined in the summer

4. sekac on the pp...in front...and we score. better never try it again!

I like tokes as well. My issue is the whole "Penny Effect". Tokes could've just as easily came in and flopped.

In Budaj's defense, in a back up role, with the odd game, he had the stats to back it up. But any string of games and the wheels fell off.

Sad to think he's been a 3rd string tender at the AHL level, this season.

There were always doubts about Tokes at the NHL level due to his size, or lack off.

And goal from Weise!

He's back on track!

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