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2015 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions


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I'm taking

Mtl in 6

TB in 6

NYR in 6

Was in 7

Stl in 7

Nas in 6

Wpg in 6

Van in 5

At this point, I'd envision TB over Mtl, Was over NYR, Nas over Stl, Wpg over Van; TB over Was and Nas over Wpg for a TB/Nas final. Didn't think that would be the case a few months ago, but with Bos and LA on the shelf, Chi missing Kane and having to get through both Nas and Stl on the road to make it out of their own division, and Pit finishing 8th, it's really wide open.

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I like the following:

Mtl. in 5

TB in 6

NYR in 4

Wash in 6

Jets. in 7

Clg. in 6

Nsh in 7

Min. in 6

if we win the first two (and I think we do) at home I don't think Ottawa will have anything left. I think Tampa and New York have the easiest first round opponents and may be a little generous thinking Detroit can beat Tampa twice. Pittsburgh looks awful and I think there are quite a few non-playoff teams that would give the Rangers a tougher challenge. I like the Jets energy, speed and size. I will watch this one closely to see how Sekac does. He may have a tough time in this one. I like Hartley in the playoffs and think Calgary will be well prepared. Chicago is looking a little better than LA at the end here so I am not sure if they can slog out a series against Nashville and Minnesota with Dubnyk have a shot at it all. St. Louis still needs some consistent goaltending and they still haven't addressed this need. I can see Minnesota ending this series quicker if Duby is hot.

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Montréal vs. Ottawa: All of the Senators' important players are awful and all of ours are great, but they win anyway. Zibanejad wins the new Scotiabank NHL Ballon d'Or for the most kicked-in goals of the playoffs. Stéphane Quintal has spontaneously decided to stage his own attempted recreation of the Kon-Tiki expedition and thus won't be available to suspend any Senators players, which will obviously be totally unnecessary anyway. The city of Ottawa spends untold millions on a commemorative billboard to mark their greatest victory of all time—on the site of their previous commemorative billboard marking their previous greatest victory of all time, beating us in 3 whole regular season games this year. All nine people at the victory rally riotously celebrate. Ottawa proceeds to resign Hammond and Cameron to long term contracts; both are entirely forgettable for the rest of time, apart from their 4 game season series sweep against us in 2015-16. The ownership of the Ottawa Senators digs around in their couches and scrounges up enough change to buy a celebratory cheeseburger from McDonalds, but end up having to trade Karlsson in the offseason to pay off the credit card bill from the fries. Bobby Ryan learns to spell intensity right before opening night for his 2018-19 Seattle Senators. OTT in 3.

Tampa vs. Detroit: Hey, did you know that Tampa Bay Lightning GM Steve Yzerman used to play for Detroit? Buy your very own Steven Stamkos merchandise from the NHL Shop today! What home is complete without a Stamkos sweater, throw pillow, or mailbox? There's also a toaster that burns the outline of his face into your toast, which is an excellent weight loss tool! Hey, did you know that Tampa Bay Lightning GM Steve Yzerman used to play for Detroit? Apparently if you show up to the Tampa arena with Stamkos' name tattooed on at least two members of your immediate family, you get tickets at half price—fifteen whole dollars! Hey, did you know that Tampa Bay Lightning GM Steve Yzerman used to play for Detroit? TBL in 5.

New York Rangers vs. Pittsburgh: Bettman wept. The Rangers hadn't won a playoff series against the Penguins prior to last season, and they aren't going to lose one to them in a long, long time. A mercifully short series spares us Crosby attempting a playoff beard. In his first eight shifts, Chris Kreider takes out Marc-André Fleury, Thomas Greiss, Pittsburgh Penguins goaltending coach Mike Bales, Ben Lovejoy, Pittsburgh Penguins mascot Iceburgh, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and two beer vendors. His Lady Byng is being engraved as we speak. NYR in 5.

Washington vs. New York Islanders: Hey, did you know that Tampa Bay Lightning GM Steve Yzerman used to play for Detroit? This is finally the year everything clicks for Washington. Ovechkin electrifies the league. The organization is investigated for potentially violating the rules by adding a defenceman to the roster after the trade deadline, but it's actually Mike Green wearing the Mike Green sweater. Holtby calls Ray Emery every night, laughing until he gets hung up on. A magical story fit for the ages—if Halák wasn't the opposing goaltender. Get that CV ready, Barry! NYI in 6.

St. Louis vs. Minnesota: Alexander Steen scores the game-winning goal in OT in Game 1. Barret Jackman scores the game-winning goal in Game 2. The Blues outshoot Minnesota by nine, but get shut out in Game 3. The Blues blow a 3-2 lead in the third period of Game 4, and go on to lose it 4-3. Alex Pietrangelo scores the game-tying goal (his first of the playoffs, assisted by Jaden Schwartz), but the Blues lose 3-2 in OT in Game 5. The Blues lose Game 6 2-1, and are eliminated. What, too specific? MIN in 6.

Nashville vs. Chicago: Chicago prevails over the rudderless Predators in five straight home games. The Nashville fan starts doing his ceaselessly charming apès-goal chant at Rinne by Game 2. Shea Weber signs an offer sheet at Tim Horton's after the series, but gets promptly fired for slamming customers' heads into the drive-thru window. Who knew that actually wasn't allowed? CHI in 5.

Anaheim vs. Winnipeg: A Bruce Boudreau coached division-winning offensive juggernaut fails to reach the second round again, and people are still surprised. The Honda Center's roof suffers minor damage from the vortex caused by the Ducks pulling their goalies twice every period. This is a tough one, because I really like both of these teams, apart from Corey Perry. How can you not love the Jets, though? Go Jets Go! WPG in 7.

Vancouver vs. Calgary: John Tortorella tries to break into the Calgary dressing room again, but

Johnny "Johnny Hockey" Gaudreau (whose nickname is Johnny Hockey, by the way) stops him singlehandedly while also simultaneously signing four autographs for sick kids and scoring the game-winning goal in OT in Game 7. It's a good thing Gaudreau turned out to be at least semi-competent in his rookie season, or anointing him with the totally original nickname "Johnny Hockey" might've looked really pathetic and gotten old quick. Yeah. Good thing. CGY in 7.

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I dont see why we need to limit ourselves to one round here. I'll post my entire bracket

Round 1:

Montreal vs. Ottawa - Montreal wins 6.

Tampa Bay vs. Detroit - Tampa wins in 5.

NY Rangers vs. Pittsburgh - Rangers win 4.

Washington vs. NY Islanders - Washington wins in 7.

St. Louis vs. Minnesota - St. Louis wins in 7.

Nashville vs. Chicago - Chicago wins in 5.

Anaheim vs. Winnipeg - Anaheim wins in 6.

Vancouver vs. Calgary - Vancouver wins in 6.

Round 2:

Montreal vs. Tampa - Tampa wins.

NY Rangers vs. Washington - Rangers win.

St. Louis vs. Chicago - Chicago wins.

Anaheim vs. Vancouver - Anaheim wins.

Round 3:

NY Rangers vs. Tampa Bay - Rangers win.

Anaheim vs. Chicago - Chicago wins.

Stanley Cup Finals

Rangers win.

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Montreal vs. Ottawa - Montreal wins 6

Tampa Bay vs. Detroit - Tampa wins in 7

NY Rangers vs. Pittsburgh - Rangers win 5

Washington vs. NY Islanders - Islanders wins in 7


St. Louis vs. Minnesota - St. Louis wins in 7

Nashville vs. Chicago - Chicago wins in 7

Anaheim vs. Winnipeg - Anaheim wins in 6

Vancouver vs. Calgary - Vancouver wins in 7

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