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#54 Charles Hudon

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Very true lol. If you don't fit the bill within a week or so you're back at the farm. I am all about moving up players when they are ready but it's getting funny. How many years have we been saying we need help up front. Now I imagine the difficulties and implications with moving key parts, prospects and draft picks but come on!!!!

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He was the 13th forward today at practice, so it looks like he is going to sit out tomorrow night, which he doesn't deserve.

We aren't a meritocracy. Except when we are.

That is how a "Therr-ocracy" works.

I don't have an issue with Hudon sitting in place of Mitchell. Mitchell was a more effective player overall prior to his injury and is more suited to the 4th line role Hudon will be abandoning.

By that same standard, I have an issue with Hudon sitting in place of Byron. Hudon has been a more effective player in the last 2 games and is more suited to the 1st line role Byron is currently occupying.

I'm not suggesting Hudon is a legitimate 1st liner at this point in time, he's just a better option.

I also have no issues with Byron. The way he is being used is the problem, not the player himself. (A recurring theme.)

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I also don't see much point in playing Byron over Hudon in the top 6. Byron is a 4th line player, just like Flynn, just like DSP, and for the most part just like Weise. None of these players is a legitimate option for a RW position on the top two lines. So while I am pleased to have Mitchell back in, Mitchell should be in on the 4th line replacing a 4th line player. Right now, there's an opening in the top 6, and I agree with Ricochet that Byron has no purpose being there, whereas Hudon might.

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Both Weise and Byron are behind Hudon right now IMO. Weise has been awful for 10 games now, yet he continues to get a stupid amount of time on the PP and 5 on 5. I think Byron has been much better than him as of late. I would have no problem with Weise sitting in favour of Hudon for a few games.

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