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Habs Rookie Tournament In London, Sept. 11-13


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The Habs rookie tournament in London will take place Sept. 11,,,12,,,and 13th. They will play Pitts (Fri.),,, Laffs (Sat.),, and the Sens (Sun.). Prices range from $87 for all games, to $51 for the Habs package, to single game tickets at $19.50, for adults. Seniors :) , and students tickets, are $38.50 for the package, and $14.50, for single games (all taxes and fees incl) .

Habs play at 4:00 Fri., 7:35 on Sat., and 4:00 on Sun.

Info can be found here:

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Still no roster posted anywhere!!!!! WTH's going on? :angry:

Pitts and Sens released their rosters.

A "possible line-up", as found somewhere else. :P

"Carr Hudon Scherbak

Bozon McCarron Audette
Bradley MacMilan Addison
Crisp Grégoire Fournier

Hanley Juulsen
Bennett Lernout
Bourque Thrower
Johnston Didier

Fucale "
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Ahhhhh,,,, here's the participants :) . On the other hand " St. John’s IceCaps coaching staff led by head coach Sylvain Lefebvre, along with Donald Dufresne, Vincent Riendeau and Nick Carrière will handle coaching responsibilities for games and practices." <_<

From EOTP:


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Defenseman Noah Juulsen will not participate in the Canadiens rookie camp due to a concussion

Markus Eisenschmid & Mark MacMillan (injuries) will not play in the rookie tournament in London. Sam Studnicka (Ottawa – OHL) added to the roster.

I wondered where he was. As for the game, it was on the local TV cable channel. I was impressed with McCarran, Sherbak,, Fucale and Carr. McCarran was very good on the FOs, Fucale, seemed at ease in goal, Sherbak was fast and although he tried to give out some hard checks, he did miss. Carr seemed to be the most experienced (to be expected from an AHLer) and although the others tried hard, they were just out of sync (again, to be expected), and can't read the plays etc.

The 3 on 3 OT was interesting, as once you got the puck, you "should" have a good scoring chance. Possession is the name of the game here.

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I forgot to say what the final was on Fri. It was a 4-3 defeat in OT.

As for the Sat. game, I did catch some of it on TV. It was a 6-4 win over the HA-HAS. McCarron got into a fight and McNiven made a good showing. Hudon continued to impress.

Off to today's game at 4 against the Sens.

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