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2015-2016 Supplementary discipline hearings

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Wideman surprisingly appeals. If all those people in the hearing he had to defend him, couldn't convince them otherwise,,,what makes him think he'd win an appeal? I hope they double it.

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Re the Wideman appeal, from TSN:

"Each game his suspension is reduced is worth $28,225.81 to Wideman. The NHLPA is expected to introduce at least one concussion expert to argue on Wideman’s behalf that a brain injury impaired his judgment. Former Harvard football player and WWE wrestler Chris Nowinski, who now works with Boston University’s renowned CTE program, said the NHL’s explanation that Wideman was aware of his surroundings because he skated toward the bench and signaled for a line change is “misinformed armchair psychology.”
“Not every domain is impaired in the first 20 seconds of a concussion, so having functional balance and awareness that one needs a line change is not evidence that other domains are not impaired,” Nowinski said last week. “He could very easily have been suffering from double vision or impaired peripheral vision, which could explain mistaking the referee for the opposing player who just hit him — who, if you notice, was wearing a white and dark blue jersey, similar colors to the referee. With my concussions, I have more than once suffered short-term double vision in the absence of other significant symptoms, and in my book Head Games, I document other athletes complaining of double or tunnel vision while continuing to play the game.”
If Bettman upholds a suspension longer than five games, Wideman can appeal to a neutral arbitrator. That’s when things get interesting: the NHLPA has never used that tool under the new Collective Bargaining Agreement."
This is going to get interesting. B)
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Toronto's Leo Komarov will have a hearing today for elbowing/illegal check to the head on NY Rangers' Ryan McDonagh.

Normal speed about 10 sces., slo-mo,,,, 55 secs.

3 game suspension

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