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Poll of the Week: the top forward



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  1. 1. Who, in your opinion, is the best forward on the Canadiens roster?

    • Tomas Plekanec
    • Brendan Gallagher
    • Alex Galchenyuk
    • Max Pacioretty
    • Other

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This is an opinion poll. There are no right or wrong answers, but we're curious to know who you think is the best forward on our current roster. You can define this any way you want. Who is the most important player to the team? Who is the best all-around player? Who is the most skilled player? Who is the player most likely to score clutch goals or the most goals or the most points? Whatever you use as your definition of "best" is up to you. But in your estimation, tell us who you see as being the best forward on the team right now.

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Right now Eller is my choice but he isn't in the poll so I pick "Other". :)

I didn't think anyone would choose Eller and I didn't think Michel Therrien would be voting in our poll (hence the omission of Dale Weise as well!). But I've gone back and added an "other" option for you to vote.

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I had to go with other. Not because I feel the best forward isn't listed, but because they all fit the general description of "best forward" depending on what criteria is applied to that definition. There is no wrong answer, but there is no right answer either, as they are all completely different players. I don't feel any one of them is so far beyond the others in enough areas to warrant the distinction of being the "best".

If I had to choose between them, I would lean more toward Galchenyuk, because he is the only one with the ability to overtake the others by enough of a margin to become our definitively best forward.

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I'm not sure how to define "best". Skill + points wise, obviously Patches. GallyA is close behind, but I do think he has a higher potential/ceiling, going forward. I couldn't vote for Pleks because, despite how much I like him & his role, he falls off in the playoffs too much, plus Eller is a decent enough replacement; AKA he's replaceable at this juncture. Eller may be our most solid guy "right now" and I still think he's underrated / not ideally utilized; also, he has a reliable "beast mode" come playoff time.

I voted Gallagher. He's the most stable, reliable, and hardest go-getter out there. Possibly in the whole league. And not in a 4th liner sort of way - he produces top 4 winger numbers, and gets his line going. He's an engine. Consider the following:

Which is more likely to happen:

  1. Gallagher giving 100% positive effort for the entire next game
  2. The sun rising in the east

I would choose option 1.

Another thing I considered is "which player would hurt us most if we lost him?" Well, I think we're seeing some telling results right now. I also think Pleks is the most replaceable. (by Eller, and not that I think it's an easy/equal swap)

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I voted for Galchenyuk. I think several forwards have been the best-playing forward for stretches this season, but in terms of what I'll define as the best, it's who I think the guy is with the highest chance of being a star going forward right now. Galchenyuk has gotten better as the season has gone on and he's delivered when given real chances to prove himself (although he's had to work hard to earn playing time from Therrien). Even in games where he hasn't produced (outside of maybe the last two), he's usually quite noticeable and creating chances offensively. His face-off and defensive skills have improved considerably since last year, although he's not at the level Plekanec or Eller are at yet.

Plekanec may be the most complete forward on the team, but his skill level doesn't match Galchenyuk's, and he's been less consistent this year than in the past. Pacioretty has had an awful year despite his goal totals, with horrid turnovers and bad penalties. He is not as involved in the play as he used to be. Gallagher is intense and works hard on a nightly basis, and he was probably our best player in October. But going forward, I still see Galchenyuk as being the more dangerous player and the one more likely to produce and be a difference maker.

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