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Game #31 ~ Ottawa Senators @ Montreal Canadiens. Sunday, December 12th, 2015.


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I was able to put the game on but was busy with other things so wasn't able to watch much of it or drop by the forum.

Sorry Buddies! :D

Where did that 1st period come from?! :o

If i had to pick out our 4 worst offensive forwards, they would be in order Flynn, Byron, Carr, and Weise. Yet for some reason, those 4 players are all on different lines. So each and every line has a player on it who is going to make it harder to create offence, and the 4th line likely won't see much action and will be a bit of a waste of Hudon and Andrighetto's talents.

The good news is that we've maximized the offensive ability of our D again by re-inserting Beaulieu. And we're playing the Sens, who tend to sit back and play a defensive shell of a game anyways. So I absolutely would not be surprised if we end up winning the shot and shot attempt and scoring chance battle. The questions will be whether our guys can actually capitalize on their scoring chances and whether Tokarski can hold the fort in the first half of the game. I feel like if we get a lead of 2 goals, we'll be fine. If we allow the Sens to seize momentum early on one of their rare chances, it gives them the ability to sit back and do nothing but goon around. Our PP needs to be better if we do end up getting opportunities, but with the Sens' thuggery and the number of small forwards we have playing in this game (Ghetto, Hudon, Flynn, Byron, DD...), I wouldn't be surprised if we get 4-5 powerplays but see 20-30 Sens infractions go uncalled, just "because calling all of them would be unfair to Ottawa." Same old story every time we play these guys.

It's almost like you've watched this exact game before. ;)

My Three Stars:

1. Clues for making the time for the GDT (have a nice trip!)

2. Ted for summarizing the game before it even began

3. Micro everything! :lol:

Peace for now Buddies! :D

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