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JAN. 17, 2016. 7:00pm EST. Montreal Canadiens @ Chicago Blackhawks. SN, RDS, WGN.


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The Montreal Autobots (23-18-4) @ The Chicago Decepticons (30-13-4)

Autobot_from_Transformers-logo-B11B23DED @ Decepticon_from_Transformers-logo-BB66A3


Max "Optimus" Pacioretty 45GP 18G 17A 35P

Tomas "Wheeljack" Plekanec 45GP 9G 25A 34P

P.K. "Jazz" Subban 45GP 3A 28A 31P

Alex "Cliffjumper" Galchenyuk 45GP 10G 17A 27P

Brendan "Hot Rod" Gallagher 28GP 11G 12A 23P

Patrick "Megatron" Kane 47GP 28G 29A 67P

Artemi "Thundercracker" Panarin 47GP 16G 26A 42P

Jonathan "Devastator" Toews 47GP 17G 16A 33P

Brent "Shockwave" Seabrook 47GP 7G 24A 31P

Duncan "Ramjet" Keith 37GP 7G 21A 28P

Expected starting goaltenders are Ben "Grimlock" Scrivens and Corey "Thrust" Crawford. The Autobots have lost three straight games! The Decepticons have won ten in a row. :blink::mellow::(

But... maybe we can finally come out victorious! Autobots, make our dreams come true!

"Autobots... Roll out!"


jennifer_rocket's GDT record: 0-0-0. Hopefully this is the start of something profound. :lol:

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Whoa. He's going for the French.

Thanks, buddy!

Mad props for doing the French version of the anthem with Montreal in town. You don't see that too often.

His pronunciation was pretty decent.

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