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Game #50 ~ Columbus Blue Jackets @ Montreal Canadiens. Tuesday, January 26th, 2016.


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Buddies! :D

I'm abstaining again tonight, but figured I would say hi.

Once I saw Flynn in the top 6 with DD and Pacioretty, I decided not to put myself through that experience. I assumed Weise would end up back there by the end of the game, if it hasn't happened already, and I'm tired of seeing Weisharnetty. That's not to mention the same old tired and ineffective coaching "tactics".

I haven't missed a game on purpose for years, but that makes two in back to back nights for me.

Sad, but not as sad as what has been done to this team and with full confidence to boot.

I hope the Habs can come back and win this one for the sake of you who are watching. I'm off to do other things!

Peace for now Buddies! :D

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Benoit Brunet showing video of Max Pacioretty's lack of effort. For once, he's right.

he did have that one power move last game (the one Cole taught him LOL)... other than that , out for a glide in the neutral zone hoping for a break ways pass... & repeat
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