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No Habs In The POs,,, What's Your Plan B?


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Ok now,,,, the fact that the Habs won't make the playoffs is pretty nuch a given, what will you be doing with during the playoffs? Will you watch some games,,,, a few games most of them,,, or none at all?

Me, because I am a hockey fan first and foremost, I'll probably cheer for any team not named Chicago, L.A., ruins, T.B., N.Y.R., Pitts., Dallas, Ducks, or Sharks, as of now. That will leave 11 teams to choose from.

I won't make a point of watching any games but if there's not much else on (as is the usual), then I'll prolly watch a game.

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I'll watch every game I possibly can, because I love the playoffs. As for who I'll be rooting for... it's more who I'll be rooting against.

There's the first tier of hate, which is alone: Boston. Anybody but Boston.

After that, it's the scummy/dirtbag teams we've had recent issues with. Tampa, the Rangers, and Ottawa. Lots of players on those rosters who I'd enjoy watching do nothing.

Then we get to southern teams. Florida, Arizona, Carolina, and Nashville don't deserve anything, so I'd be happy to see them not get anything.

And finally, teams I have a mild dislike for, due to individual players or coaches, or for some other reason. LA, Anaheim, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Colorado, and New Jersey.

Which leaves me with Washington, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, San Jose, and the Islanders. I think I'd like it if Washington won, to shut people up about Ovechkin, but other than that as long as the leeches and/or scum don't win I'll be happy.

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It will be golf season!!!!!

Speaking of golf. My dentist has a full wall mural in his examination room (I think he told me is was a certain hole on the championship course in Myrtle Beach),,, along with a pic of him and Mike Weir,,, and a full set of clubs.


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I will be bringing Canada Dry ginger ale from home to home and you will be getting free spinals, dental care and other things excluding ear washes but I'm saving that one special medical procedure for kinot.


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Ya,,,, thanks a lump archey. <_<

I've really been back on my heels all day thinking about what I said. I just really hate losing.

Ya know Duke needs to keep to the straight and narrow being so big and Peppy has so much talent that she turns into a real mother...She stops to check out everyone.....It's really unbecoming..

In your favor just an hour ago my retired Chicago cop friend agrees with you. We aren't going to make the playoffs.

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If the Habs aren't in it, I don't have much of a rooting interest either, albeit I will cheer against the teams I hate like 93 said. For me, those hated teams are the Bruins, Leafs, Flyers, Kings, Sens, and Rangers. So who will I cheer for this season?

- Always enjoy watching the Hawks. Skilled team, fun to watch, and their fans and team do things the right way.

- The Panthers, with good guy Gerard Gallant and ageless Jaromir Jagr, could be a feel-good win, although I don't have a lot of faith they'll get it done.

- Caps are a team that has played well all season and probably deserve to make a run.

- Sharks have some vets that I wouldn't mind seeing win a Cup. I appreciate Jumbo Joe's honesty speaking to the media all these years.

- Anyone outside of the hated teams that's a big underdog and gets it done.

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Watch the playoffs as usual, without fan pressure :P .

There're so many mouth-watering 1st round match-ups. For example,

1) Penguins vs Ranger re-match: aka "Revenge of the Penguins?" Looks likely.

2) Detroit vs Tampa re-match: aka "Can Detroit Turn It Around?" I think Tampa still walks it.

3) Florida vs Philadelphia: aka "Will Florida be Exposed as Fluke and Humiliated?" I'm rooting for the underdog.

4) Blackhawks vs Blues: aka "Same Old, Same Old Again?" Hitchcock gets shamed. 1st round exit again.

5) Anaheim vs San Jose: aka "California Smackdown". No loyalties here. Just be entertained.

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