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  1. 1. Which of these forwards do you least want to see traded by the Canadiens?

    • Max Pacioretty
    • Brendan Gallagher
    • Alex Galchenyuk

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The Habs have a number of very talented forwards. With the deadline approaching, there has been talk about dealing some of our better ones, like Eller and Galchenyuk. Would this be a smart move? We want to know... of the Canadiens' top forwards, who is the guy you think the Canadiens need to avoid trading? Do they need to hold on to Max Pacioretty's goal-scoring and bargain contract? Are Brendan Gallagher's heart and toughness irreplaceable intangibles? Or are Galchenyuk's untapped potential and skill things we shouldn't give up on?

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Galchenyuk, but this is an incredibly tough question.

After having my eyes opened on Gallagher's possession contribution earlier in the season (thanks, Noob616!), I look at him a bit differently these days. He's an astoundingly effective player. Pacioretty is also very, very good, and there's no doubt that he's the most productive forward on the roster right now. But I watch Galchenyuk play, and it seems to me that he has the potential to shred the league if was given the chance. His rates are there, and his underlying possession numbers are mostly there. If Pacioretty can produce another 3-4 ~35 goal seasons, that would be incredible; I don't actually doubt he could do it, but scoring that many goals in this league is extremely hard right now, particularly with the attention he's going to be getting on a team with such self-imposed questionable depth. And Gallagher is so good you don't even notice it a lot of the time. But I think it would sting the most to lose Galchenyuk.

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I think it would be hard to lose any of the three as well, hence the question!

I voted for Chucky, simply because I think Pacioretty and Gallagher are already at states in their career where what you see is what you get. Everyone in the NHL knows Pacioretty can score 35-40 goals. Everyone knows Gallagher will play hard, go to the net, be a heart-and-soul player, and pot 20-25 goals. I don't see either guy improving significantly on their current performances, so in a trade, even though it might hurt to lose them, I see us getting fair-market value or better.

With Galchenyuk, he's been severely misused by the coaching staff. He's shown a ton of skill and I frankly believe he can be an 80-point-a-year number center if used correctly. The points-per-60 and production numbers weighted against his usage suggest he can and will be a lot better if used properly. I think he also has the highest ceiling of any player on the team outside of maybe Subban and Price. So he's not a guy I'd like to lose.

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