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03-20-2016 Calgary Flames @ Montreal Canadiens 7:00pm ET SN RDS


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The Calgary Flames @ The Montreal Canadiens


Hopefully this guy scores some goals... because... otherwise we'll probably get shutout again.

Max Pacioretty 24g 29a 53p

P.K. Subban 6g 45a 51p

Alex Galchenyuk 26g 22a 48p

Tomas Plekanec 12g 35a 47p

Andrei Markov 5g 35a 40p

Johnny Gaudreau 26g 44a 70p

Sean Monahan 24g 28a 52p

Mark Giordano 19g 29a 48p

T.J. Brodie 4g 37a 41p

Mikael Backlund 15g 24a 39p

Game preview from NHL.com


Go Habs Go... NOT.


Go Tank Go! :ph34r::D

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Guest archey

<-- shows up late :P

<-- misses nothing :D

Except for that one play when our guy got hit, did a cartwheel, continued on skating forward throwing one leg over the defenders head and drove to the net...but no.... no score yet..


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Guest archey

with just 4 of us here,,,,,, which ones are the dummies, the ones who watch,,, or those who don't? :lol:

Hopefully I'll get some help to think something when I ride Peppy.

Hi faithful.


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Bring on the next Therrible season!

got a gut feeling that's not happening...

if we lose ALL of them left & in fine style..... MT HAS to go . (I think he was already told he is gone next season)

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