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Game #81 ~ Montreal Canadiens @ Carolina Hurricanes. Thursday, April 7th, 2016.


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They were on different lines earlier in the year, I think?!, Maybe- sounds like a bit of self-coaching on their part. Doesn't sound like Therrien strategy.

Gallagher was injured for a lot of the games,,,, Chuckie wasn't the center for the 1st line. And then there's the MT effect.

Lindgren looks like he's settled in now.

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Not a penalty on Carolina? He poked the goalie long after the whistle...

On a brighter note, Ott and Ari both currently leading 1-0 in their respective games.

On a not as good note, Boston beating Detroit 2-0... would love to see Boston finish 9th.

Now 3-0 Boston.

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