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2016 NHL Bracket Challenge

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Do any of you sign up to do this each year? I think it'd be interesting to know everybody's picks now that the tricolore tinted glasses are off. Perhaps we could use the league feature to have a forum-wide challenge. I'll start by sharing:

DAL over MIN 4 games

CHI over STL 6 games

NSH over AHM 7 games

SJS over LAK 6 games

WSH over PHI 6 games

NYR over PIT 7 games

FLA over NYI 7 games

TBL over DET 5 games

DAL over CHI

NSH over SJS

WSH over NYR

TBL over FLA

DAL over NSH

WSH over TBL

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2016 Stanley Cup Champions: the Washington Capitals!

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I have

Dal over Min

Chi over Stl

Ana over Nas

LA over SJ

Was over Phi

Pit over NYR

Fla over NYI

TB over Det


Dal over Chi

LA over Ana

Was over Pit

TB over Fla


LA over Dal

Was over TB


Was over LA

So we're agreed on Washington! I think they're just such a stacked team and the adds they made this year (Oshie, Williams) in combination with a good coach and a great goalie make them so dangerous. That being said, I can see any of Was, Pit, NYR, Dal, Chi, Stl, Ana, or LA walking away with the Cup.

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