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2016-17 The Positive Thread


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No doubt the Habs have one of the stronger fanbases in the NHL. But that can all change in a hurry. In the social media era, fans can watch games on tv or online, they can PVR the game and watch it later if they have other plans, they can catch highlights whenever they want, or read about it on the internet. There's less need to go to a game to be part of the experience. There's probably more will to be part of the experience if it's a positive one, but if we see years of losing and contempt for fan opinion, it'll cost the Habs in the long run. Even 2,000 less tickets sold per game, given how exorbitant the prices are, would cost the Habs 8 million a year on seats alone, never mind the losses in concession sales and advertising. Missing the playoffs also costs the team millions. At a certain point, that's not going to sit well with Molson and the board.

The problem is that GM doesn't seem to have the foresight to see which path MB and MT are leading him down. If he had Jim Nill and Mike Babcock, we'd probably be in a much better position to be challenging for a Cup. Imagine the revenue even from one Cup finals game at $500 a seat... that's got to be worth something to ownership.

Oh of course, I didn't mean to imply it wasn't bad for business, just not the disaster it is in basically any other market save for a handful. The same can be said for Toronto, losing is bad for business. It's bad for TV ratings, it's bad for merchandise sales, it's bad for costing you playoff revenue and it's eventually scrapes at your attendance and private suite sales.

I agree there's less need to go to a game, in theory, but in a city like Montreal that will tend to impact the scalpers more than the team, tickets are hard to get and are extremely valuable in good times so people will be pretty loathe to give up season ticket packages. It'll cost Molson a lot of money if we're awful, just like it's cost the teacher's pension and now Bell and Rogers money in Toronto but Molson will still make money no matter what. Creates a little less desperation than you see in a lot of markets, which can be good in theory (allowing teams to rebuild properly instead of desperately going for the 8 seed and playoff revenue) but I think as we've seen from basically all Canadian teams the last 10 years, it can also cause some complacency.

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1. Our top line is our top 3 scoring threats:  Patches, Chucky, Gallagher, together consistently, give us the best opportunity to get put up points consistently.

2. Therrien, I believe got it right, putting the young, speedy Lehkonen with Plekanec and Radulov they've looked a lot better than the stats tell.  I'm no Therrien supporter, but he did do that right.  They're only going to get better as the year goes on and the numbers will come.

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9 hours ago, ramcharger440 said:

Radulov = wrecking ball. what a great game for him last night!


So strong on the puck. As I said on the off-season, this is the primary reason I believe the current edition of the Habs is better than last year's version, despite other downgrades. He does it all on the ice and really solidifies the top 6. It's funny that we've gone from needing top 6 wingers to now questioning our depth at 2nd-line center.

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