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A lot of great discussion happens here on the forum, but the posts that are a cut above deserve recognition. And that's what this thread is for. Feel free to quote any posts you think stand out and need to be noticed for their importance, relevance, or comedy value.

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looking to trade bo, right up our alley

so its either 1 of 2 options.

1.a scoring forward, which handicaps our defence even worse since we just traded the best puck moving dman in the league and bo is all we have left, as many of us have pointed out this is our only real option to play with weber

2. an older shot blocking dman who has lots of character

take us all the way back to the stone age guys, lets do it

also i made a prediction here in the real world id like to get on record, since ted brought up trading galchenyuk.....that kid is not safe at all. what with his "dekes" and fancy pants selfishness

if he survives the caveman regime i will be overjoyed and im not just being sarcastic. i think there is a very real possibility.


If MB is going to keep trading key assets for other teams table scraps (ie Shaw, Weber), then why not just do a full scale rebuild? It is what any GM who precedes MB is going to have to do, anyway. This "Building through the draft" pack of lies we've been fed is simply pure garbage from MB. Same as that "No Excuses" song and dance. He's made every last excuse for himself and Therrien.

Moving forward, I truly believe the reigns of the club should be handed over to Trevor Timmins. The man who's unearthed all the elite talent that Bergie feels fit to trade away, should be given an opportunity to turn this team into a champion.

And this

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I know most people are saying this stuff in Jest but lets be fair: Shea Weber is still an elite defensman. He's a first pairing guy on any team in the league. In the last little bit Ive seen him compared to Murrary, Boullion, Gil etc - but he's so much better than all of them its a bit silly.

Shea Weber on your team is a very very good thing.

Shea Weber on your team for the price of Subban sucks, thats all.

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On 2016-12-02 at 10:30 AM, H_T_L said:

Latest quote from the coach....

"My philosophy is that when I'm driving my car, I look forward. I don't spend my time looking in the mirror at what's going on behind me," said Therrien, following Thursday's practice.

Let's hope he's not making any quick lane changes.


On 2016-12-02 at 5:28 PM, BigTed3 said:

Basically saying I choose not to learn from mistakes I've made and continue to make the same ones again... explains a heck of a lot.

BigTed hit the nail on the head.


MB & MT have no idea about building a winning team in today's NHL.

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I know this has been said over and over, but I think it's worth repeating re: Therrien and Price.

Riding a great goalie doesn't make you a good coach.  But it also doesn't make you a bad coach.  All it makes you is a coach with a great goalie.

However, having a superstar goalie playing like Price has been does help a coach to win more games.  It helps a good coach win more games, and it helps a bad coach win more games.  

So when people bring up the fact that Therrien has Price, they're not saying that he's automatically any worse because of it.  Any coach, good or bad, should be designing their system around a goalie like Carey.  What they are saying, though, is that because of Carey you can't just point to the team's record as an indication that the coach is doing a good job.  The point is that the record is going to be good no matter how the coach is doing, so it makes sense to look at other metrics to figure out whether or not he's the best choice for the position.


From the Therrien thread

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Bergevin has to win now and go at least a couple of rounds in the Real Season. He has to prove the moves he made were worth it. But maybe the biggest reason they need to go deep is because if they don’t, there is one very important person who’s not going to be a happy camper. His name is Carey Price and there’s only one thing he wants in life — a Stanley Cup ring. And if he thinks it isn’t going to happen with the Canadiens, he will walk out the door at the end of next season. So management has to prove they’re serious about winning this thing.


Well said: From the rumors thread.

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