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16 hours ago, HabsRuleForever said:

You could always pm one of us if you're having troubles CH.

Could have but I only realized after the event. Hey ho. (and I would have scored a point too).

As it was, HRF scored the only point that night for 3/3

Last night, habs 93 and kinot 1 scored a point each for 5 correct predictions.




MN Scoreboard 2016-17.jpg

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Buffalo @ Winnipeg,,,,,,,Peggy

Philadelphia @ Carolina,,,,Sweet Caroline

Florida @ Detroit,,,,,,Bad Boys in Detroit

Toronto @ NY Islanders,,,,,,,,NY Fish Sticks

Tampa Bay @ NY Rangers,,,,,,,,,,Rags 

Ottawa @ Edmonton,,,,,,,Slick Oilers

Washington @ Calgary,,,,,,,,CAPITALS

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Just seen a name above that thrills me. Welcome back to a stranger, if indeed, you're back to predicting stuff...

Ok, how did we do?

On the 28th, we didn't do so well as only one correct prediction from 4 games scored a point for: hatethoseleafs, HRF, habs 93 and me.

29th was slightly better as getting 50% of the games right scored a point for Flying Lion and HRF

Yesterday, kinot 1 took the only point for 3 correct from 7 games.


Results 30Oct16.jpgMN Scoreboard 2016-17.jpg


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St Louis vs NY Rangers: Rangers

Dallas vs Columbus: Columbus

Boston vs Florida: Florida 

Carolina vs Ottawa: Carolina

Tampa Bay vs NY Islanders: Tampa Bay

Edmonton vs Toronto: Edmonton 

Buffalo vs Minnesota: Minnesota

Washington vs Winnepeg: Washington



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Very peculiar. Tried to sign in earlier and after a number of attempts, the site said "Too many attempts to log in. Go away and try again in 30 minutes". Come back 2 hours later and I'm already signed in.


I'm here now.



Results 1Nov16.jpg

MN Scoreboard 2016-17.jpg

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