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10 hours ago, Cenner_Hice said:

Back from a week away from the internets and work (and on day 1 back, had to go through and over London Bridge (I normally walk through Borough Market) - words fail me)


The story so far:



That was frightening to say the least CH.

My wife is currently in England, and fortunately not anywhere near the recent events over there. Crazy world.

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57 minutes ago, HabsRuleForever said:

I emailed, HTL, jedi & GHC that I was going to take Nashville with no idea what 93 picked because I couldn't see. I knew I should have picked the pens.


Oh well anyways, thanks guys.

When I saw the site go down, I was getting ready to concede defeat. :)

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Apologies for a tardy response to the end of the playoffs. Kept trying to log in, kept being unsuccessful...


But you good people worked out who our champion was. w00t w00t!!





Until next season...


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