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GAME 14 - Kings @ Habs


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1 minute ago, H_T_L said:

I expect score effects for us next period. I doubt we'll get many shots,,,,, if any.

Indeed. But that's why I use adjusted 5-on-5 for the graph, to minimize the influence of score effects as much as possible. It's part of why the first period looked and "looked" so good—we just kept pushing no matter what, even when we took the lead.

1 minute ago, HabsRuleForever said:

That`s good right

It is!

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2 minutes ago, RyderRocks73 said:

Well dang. Too bad we have to sit through an 82 game season knowing it's this good right now.

If tonight is the turning point, and we play like this more often than we play like we have in the last half decade, there's a lot to be happy abou;. There's no real tangible reason why it can't be, either.

That said, because of a few self-inflicted and "intangible" reasons, I doubt it will be.

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