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Game 18, Habs @ Carolina, 7:30 PM ET FS-CR, SNE, RDS, TSN 690 Radio.


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1 minute ago, southernhabfan said:

Oh well..that is only 2...well....3 games if you count the loser point....that they lost. This cannot..I repeat.... CANNOT be like last year!!!! MT will not allow it! Right kinot? Right? Right? Right?:7072:

Goes without sayin. Jus sayin is all. 

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Said it a million times. Never said they are world beaters but no way thia team should play this poorly. I've lost count on how many times they outshoot the opposition and lose then turn around and spend the whole game in their own end and end up winning. The system sucks.

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Habs won the shot battle, but still lost the scoring chance battle and completely fell apart in the 3rd. Couldn't put together three good periods against one of the weaker teams in the league. And in case we were all wondering why:

Shaw 19:45 time on ice

Desharnais 16:29

Alex Galchenyuk 16:38

Brendan Gallagher 15:03

Phillip Danault 14:35

Chris Terry 14:13

So Shaw leads all Habs in icetime by a mile. Desharnais and Galchenyuk have equal amounts of ice time. Gallagher has much less, in the range of what Terry and Danault and Byron got.

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