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Game 24, Habs @ Sharks, 7:30 PST, 10:30 EST., RDS, CSCA, RSNE, TSN 690 Radio.


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3 minutes ago, ClassicHabsFan said:


Got too many older coaches or old-thinking coaches in the NHL.  I think the league, and the Habs in particular, forward thinking coaches.  Revitalize the game, get with some newer programs and systems.

I dont disagree with you. However, in addition to this everyone on the ice and I mean almost everyone, looks to be skating in quicksand.

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1 minute ago, ClassicHabsFan said:

Hi, Clues.  You might have done better to go to sleep... we are down 2.


1 minute ago, RyderRocks73 said:

Eh, Clues. Might as well go to sleep.

Oh, well then, haha. I'll watch some of the 2nd at least and see how that goes.

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2 minutes ago, ClassicHabsFan said:

Guess they are worried about who is next to be traded for another aging, big, one- or two-trick lug with grit and a huge contract to eat.

The way they are playing tonite. They could essentially lose every game this month. 

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4 minutes ago, kinot-1 said:

Hi,,, glad to see you/read you. :)

Hi kinot! Don't know if I'll stay for the whole game, though. I'm exhausted and have to get up early with the nephews/go Christmas shopping. But I did do some more baking today. I've done all that I can for a win. :P

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