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Game #29 ~ Boston Bruins @ Montreal Canadiens. Monday, December 12th, 2016.


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7 hours ago, habs1952 said:

Shaw bent over to reach for the puck. The hit wasn't Krug's fault. And yes, too many players taking runs at Price. 

The hit was absolutely Krug's fault. Shaw was stretching to get the puck, but he didn't make a last-second gesture to do that. He had his head down as he was skating. Krug took 2-3 strides from the time Shaw's head was down and still drilled him directly in his face. Why is the onus on Shaw? When we talk about hits from behind, they still penalize the guy (most times) even if the guy turns at the last second. With high sticks, even if it was an accident, you get 4 minutes if you cut a guy. If your stick trips someone, even if you're going for the puck to make a defensive play, you get a penalty... they even took out the rule that if you make contact with the puck first, it's clean. Why is it for all other things, there's no question about what the player intended to do? If you did it, you get a penalty. Yet with headshots there is some magical thinking that a hitter can't be held accountable. Even if you thought Krug didn't mean it, he still drills him in the head and he still cuts him and sends him to the room for concussion protocol. At the very least, that should be 4 minutes. And as a standard, that should probably be 5 and a game a suspension. It's a huge cop-out to blame it on Shaw. The NHL decided a few years back that you could hit the head as long as you made "full-body contact" but they specifically said they would go after guys where the head was the primary point of contact. This was a textbook picking of the head. Krug should have been sent to the showers.

On a separate but similar note, the league is failing with respect to goaltender interference. Price has been bowled over three times in the past week. Not just contacted but absolutely run over, once via a blindside to the back of the leg. In the NJ game, it led to one Devils goal and one net NJ powerplay. In last night's game, it led to a review of whether the goal Boston scored was valid but no question as to whether Pastrnak should have been penalized. The NHL decided Pastrnak wasn't pushed at all and no they don't have to assign a penalty, but come on, this wasn't incidental brush contact. If there's no push, then the league has to explain Pastrnak running full-steam into Price and bowling him backwards into the back of the net. It's an utter embarrassment that they don't protect goalies, much less just having had the spotlight shined on this issue after the Price beatdown of Palmieri. The refs were too afraid to give out a penalty in OT because it "might decide the outcome of the game." Well not giving out the penalty decided the outcome by giving the Bruins the win. Just a disgracefully cowardly game called by Meier and Rehman last night. Cowardice. There's nothing more to explain two guys seeing the bowl-over of Price, the headshot from Krug, the knee on knee from McQuaid on Lehkonen, the intentional high stick retaliation from Marchand on Emelin, and yes even the Shaw push of McQuaid into the bench from behind and calling none of these. It must be great to get paid to do your job without having to actually do it.

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