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Good point by Stephane Auger... you used to be allowed to hook everyone all the time, so guys wouldn't hit the goalies with as much speed. Now that there's less clutch and grab, guys go steaming into goalies.

NHL needs to do something about this. You don't want to put hooking back into the game, so the solution is penalizing players more severely for hitting goalies. Hyman gives a forearm shiver to Price's head and he should be tossed for hit to the head, just like a hit to any other player's head.

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Very Satisfying to see our Canadiens pull into Toronto and come away with another victory.  4-1-2 is a very good road trip.  We have weathered a lot but keep coming out with points.  It is what makes a championship team. I remember 1967.  17yrs old and was annoyed that Toronto won the cup.  But later on starting in October of that year, they doubled the league, and Montreal started another dominating time.  Allan Stanley traded to the Blues, cursed the Leafs, and they have never won again.  Stanley's gone now but the curse lives on. lol.  Canadiens sont la.  Bonne nuit.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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