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4 hours ago, BigTed3 said:

Good point by Stephane Auger... you used to be allowed to hook everyone all the time, so guys wouldn't hit the goalies with as much speed. Now that there's less clutch and grab, guys go steaming into goalies.

NHL needs to do something about this. You don't want to put hooking back into the game, so the solution is penalizing players more severely for hitting goalies. Hyman gives a forearm shiver to Price's head and he should be tossed for hit to the head, just like a hit to any other player's head.

It's a tough spot for everyone, DMen included, so many DMen push guys right into their own goalie because it's happening so fast and you have to defend or you'll get killed for allowed the guy to burn around you so easily. Guys feel that push or hit and use it as an excuse to clock goalies. Tougher penalties is a start, for sure but the speed of the game is problematic in a few ways and that's one. It's especially sensitive for us, seeing as we have the best goalie in the world and teams specifically game plan to make his life difficult. Gets worse the bigger the game is. You're right that allowing hooking to inch back isn't the answer though.

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