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Your choice for MVP at the half way point of the season


Your choice for MVP at the half way point in the season  

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  1. 1. Who do you think has been the obvious choice?

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It's still Price. It's less Price than it was last year, but it's still Price. This team has shown it can survive losing its best position player (Galchenyuk) and it's survived losing a host of other guys. But it's never shown it can play without Price for an extended period of time. As much as Radulov filled a hole we needed to fill compared to last year's team and as consistent as he's been, he's still not as valuable to the team as Carey. As good as Max has been scoring goals, he's still a sniper who doesn't play a role in the game night in night out. The next most valuable guy after Price has IMO been Jeff Petry this year, simply because of how dominant he's been at ES and how good he's been at both ends. He's really helped to elevate Markov's game as well. But if Petry were out, we would still have Weber and Beaulieu and Markov and Emelin and we could probably get by to some degree. If Carey were out, this team is possibly still a playoff team with Montoya, but we're probably fighting for those 7th-12th spots the way we were a decade ago. There are arguments to be made for many players being valuable to this squad this season and it's clearly not a one-man show as it has been the past three years, but this team is still only going to go as far as Carey takes us.

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I went with Rad personally. As mentioned,,, we haven't needed Price to stand on his head on a nightly basis in order to be competitive. I just felt that offense was our biggest issue last year, and Rad has done an admirable job in the first half of the season in addressing that issue, despite the big drop off from Gally and Pleks production wise. No matter whom we played with the guy, he's managed to make himself and his linemates a threat, and you just can't take the puck away from him. It's something we've desperately needed, and I would hope MB makes resigning him a priority.

I won't go as far as saying he'll be our MVP for the whole season, as I feel Price will be relied on to carry this team into the playoffs. For the first half of the year though, he's my hands down choice.

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