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What will happen first?  

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  1. 1. What will happen first?

    • Edmonton makes the Western Conference Final
    • Edmonton gets another first overall pick

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1 minute ago, ClassicHabsFan said:

Think they pushed him too early to come back.  Then out again and back in.  Lets hope they do not injure him severely by playing him too soon.  Knees are strange healing and he has had torn ACL repair surgery.

Yup something's wrong for sure. He's not playing like he used to.

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1 minute ago, kinot-2 said:

Hits are 16-4 Oil. I can't recall a game where we outhit the opposition. 

SOG 15-8,,,, even with the PPs, there shouldn't be that much of a discrepancy. 

Thanks for this ... I thought they had a no-hitter going so I must have been on a bathroom break when they had the 4 hits. After yesterday's lacklustre effort I found this a disheartening effort in the first period. Going zip for two this weekend at home is not acceptable and yet there is no urgency to their play (with apologies to Radulov who is all out as usual) and their style of defence mystifies me. Can someone please explain their philosophy to me as I am assuming it is not to give the opposition as many 5 star looks at our goaltender as possible. We are far too timid as well except for Shaw but he has no judgement and we cannot trust him not to take stupid penalties. If they continue their play for the next two periods in the same way the first period went we will be looking at another loss. Kudos to Montoya for keeping it tied by the way. The way Carey has played the last couple of months I am beginning to fear that he is not even the best goalie on this team.

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