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Game #63 ~ Columbus Blue Jackets @ Montreal Canadiens. Tuesday, February 28th, 2017.


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1 minute ago, syfdawg said:

Only bad thing is oilers are my western team so I still have to watch DD...lol

DD is actually okay to watch in small doses (no pun intended). Use him for 8 or less minutes a game.

1 minute ago, vegasrick said:

Habs TOTALLY deserved that win.  They also deserved the power play in OT.  That's what happens when you play a strong game for 64 minutes, and on the second night of a back-to-back no less.  Quite a showing.  Once they start scoring like they should, this team will roar into the playoffs. 

Hear hear! Full marks for effort this game. I can't recall seeing that with Therrien.

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1 minute ago, RicochetII said:

Benn for Norris! Seriously though, very solid, especially for a first game with a new team, where hiccups are highly likely.

There was no practice today, but Benn skated in Brossard by himself. Benn had 3 hits and 5 BLKS.

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Simply unbelievable!!!

How many of us thought this could be a win?  Regardless of OT outcome, the fact that this team held Columbus goalless for 60 minutes itself is already an achievement.  The same Columbus which hammered Habs 10-0 previous, killed Islanders 7-0 and murdered Rangers 5-2.


Oh, after watching the replay, it was correctly no goal in OT.  Pacioretty's shot did not cross the goal line. 

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