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Trying to get into MSU or Marshall University grad school

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Please everyone wish me luck. I'm trying to get into the Michigan State University or Marshall University grad school. I want to study New Media at Marshall and Media and Information Technology at MSU.

I have a big day coming June 18, when I have to take the GRE test. I'm horrible at math, so I need to do well enough on the other subjects to compensate for the math problems.

I'm trying to get all the practice I can get for the GRE. It has not been easy.

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Good luck! I have a few friends who've taken the GRE, and I've done some preliminary prep, too. As I understand it, if you hone your fundamentals on the simpler stuff (exponential rules, statistics/probability, basic geometry), it's a bit easier to "coast" along on it. Have you looked into this?  https://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/prepare/khan_academy

If you're interested in video/3D animation stuff, let me know. I'm a bit of a nerd for it myself, and I know of some resources you might be interested in.

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I'm going through the Kaplan Test Prep. And thank you Habs_93 for the suggestion. I do have some great news in the interim - on Friday I got a conditional admission to Marshall - and still trying to get into Michigan State. The conditional admission is for one semester, and I still need to do well on the GRE exam to get fully in. Please wish me luck on the GRE so I can get both feet into Marshall and MSU.

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