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20 hours ago, H_T_L said:

Stupid deal on their part IMO. There was no precedent for that type of contract before and now they've just opened up a big can of worms with this deal. I can just see other GM's cringing.

Well, imho you wont see another player as good as CM for a while so it shouldnt set too much of a precident but its still dumb.  
Im frankly surprised a guy like CM would even want that much. I mean - i get it - we all want as much as we can have, but as a hockey player you also want a chance to win the cup.  A deal like this is may just kill that chance.  Thats nearly 20% of the cap to one player,  80% to the other 20+ players.  Yikes.  

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I don't really get the reasoning behind giving a contract so big and so long at this point in his career.

Why not start with a shorter contract?  The usual argument against a bridge deal is that the player will only get better and will cost you more later.  But if you're already giving him the league maximum, well, you can't really get much higher at that point.  So why lock him up for eight years now at the max, when you could do a shorter (and maybe more cap-friendly) deal now and then grab some extra UFA years by signing him for eight later?

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2 hours ago, H_T_L said:

Already having an impact. Draisaitl rumoured to be looking for 9 to 10 mill deal long term. Obviously using the McDavid deal as a comparison.

That's insane. 2 players, close to 27% of the cap???? 

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