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2017-2018 Stonely Cup Challenge

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Been away and distracted. Apologies.


So, the final table for the end of the season (with prediction percentages deciding tied on points) and the head-to-head match ups for the playoffs...






Post season "rules"


As ever, everyone is predicting for every game (only as we can then have a potential for the top 2 seeds to face each other in the final rather than, at best, 1st vs. 9th)


When making a prediction please indicate either the WINNER or a TIE. If you are predicting a TIE, please also indicate the O.T. winner. If correct on the OT winner, then you will be awarded a star with your score.


Head-to-head: You are competing on a one-to-one basis with your opponent. Higher number of correct predictions wins the point. If both tied, both get a point (unless tied on zero).


In the event that your opponent fails to make predictions for that night, then you will score the only point on the night if you get 1 correct.




In the event that, at the end of a round, two players are tied on points, then there will be a series of tiebreakers applied:


1: Post Season prediction percentages – higher takes preference


2: Number of Tie stars (see above)


3: Total number of games predicted to close out the round


For this last one, we need predictions of the number of games in total it will take to finish a particular round in the playoffs. So, in the first round, there are 8 head-to head matchups between the teams. If each one only takes four games, then that’s a minimum total of 32 games. If each matchup goes to 7 games, that’s a maximum of 56. So we need a prediction between those two numbers from everyone. Higher placed seed takes preference and the higher placed seed's prediction will be rounded up or down to make sure head-to-head numbers are consecutive.


Please, therefore, PM your game number prediction to me before the first puck drops tomorrow. If you are the lower placed seed and yours matches that of your opponent, I’ll ask you to try again.


Any comments, please say.


Good luck to everyone in pursuit of the STONELY CUP


Let’s have some fun!




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1 hour ago, kinot-2 said:


Minny @ Jets,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Jets

Flyers @ Pens,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Tie,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Pens

L.A. @ Vegas,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Vegas


crosses fingers

Oops, tie-breaker is 42

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18 minutes ago, HabsRuleForever said:

GO Cenner!

Hmmmmm,,, a Moderator, who by the very meaning of the word, is "supposed" to be non-partisan, has picked a side. I can see I have an uphill battle ahead of me. :wut2:

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