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Canadiens acquire Kyle Baun from Chicago for Andreas Martinsen


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Another 1 - for - 1 for Bergevin today, putting an end to the question of whether Martinsen was in our plans any more.

Dont know much about Baun but seems like not a bad return for a pretty terrible looking player while he was here.  Baun has had virtually no shot in the NHL but has been ok in the minors... 



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1 hour ago, HabsRuleForever said:

Something bigger in the works you mean?

maybe. I wonder.  I mean these are 'nothing' deals on the one hand but to see MB make a couple in an hour makes you wonder if something bigger is coming. I still find it hard to believe MB will go into the season with that much cap space. 

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20 minutes ago, H_T_L said:

Neither deal clears up a roster spot and have pretty much zero effect on our cap so it's a little baffling. I can't see this as a prelude to some other deal in the works

It clears up a few things in the minors though i think ?  

In the AHL they can only have 6 veterans & I think Martensen was classified as  "veteran" because of his European Pro games (like Jerabek is)

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1. This seems like another nothing trade. We seem to have at least gotten the guy with a tad more skill here, but I highly doubt this has any impact on the Habs, just like the Deslauriers deal.

2. Martinsen leaving puts an end to most of what MB did last year at the trade deadline. We talked about what a terrible trade deadline MB had, and this just goes to show how little MB did. Ott retired after no team wanted him. King couldn't get an NHL job. Martinsen couldn't crack our roster and was now dealt away. Davidson is lucky to still be on the big club and probably won't start the year in the top 6; when Schlemko comes back, Davidson could well be the one going to the minors. Bergevin continues to turn over his bottom 6, his AHL roster, and his D corps, but he has done little to address the need for top 6 centers (with the book still out on Drouin) and skill on defence...

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